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ID Cards Printing

ID Cards Printing

RIMSGFX Specialize for Creative, Innovative ID Card PRINTING Services. Our in-house Creative design team is able to help you with your card Design.
RIMSGFX provides fully laminated custom printed photo ID cards thermal and digital printed ID badges, that will be durable, long-lasting and not fade or suffer erasure.

First Send a rough draft of your ideas, together with a Scan photograph and related data (Logo, Name, Company, Code, Sign, position, expiry date, Contact, etc.) via email or by post. Our team will design your sample card and send you a proof in an email. Once approved we simply need your photos and cardholders’ details and your finished cards will follow within the next few days. We Provide ID Card Printing service in India and International Market.

Possible features on ID Cards
Name of Company
Photograph of cardholder
Cardholder/Employee Designation with Code
Date issued or expired
Name of card Holder

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ID Card Accessories : Cardholders, Covers, Lanyards & Clips, Stretchable etc..

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We offer cost-effective & requirement oriented services and provide world-class ID Cards Printing services to our global clientele throughout the world.

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